The Absurdity of Contemporary Bulgaria

It is impossible to have a normally-functioning society provided that half a million Bulgarians are illiterate, another half a million have as much as primary education and still another million and a half have left school at 15. All these people sum up to a two-third of the work force of the country and half of the overall population. This is a pure tragedy!
It is impossible to have a normally functioning society provided that there are practically no efficiently functioning judicial and law enforcing systems. The lack of basic justice escalates into violence and racism towards minority groups as it is easier to blame them for the disintegration of public relationships.
It is high time to replace media coverage featuring victims of violence with questions towards those in power why and how this has happened. It is high time now to start asking the right questions and looking for the adequate solutions, because otherwise Bulgaria will turn into a territory inhabited by tatterdemalions and criminals, whose only concern will be day-to-day survival from street violence and administrative arbitrariness. It is impossible the progress and prosperity to exist in such social environment, which, worse of all, is in a constant state of decline. It is impossible there to be even a hint of social solidarity and tolerance. As a matter of fact, any society is doomed without a normal system of values. It simply has no chance.
The improvement of social relations cannot happen on the level of everyday life of ordinary people. This can happen only through responsible policy and a fundamental reform of the malfunctioning administrative and institutional social structures. The clock is ticking for Bulgaria; the country simply has no time. Unless it wants in 20 or 30 years’ time to turn into a country where 5 million people, under-educated and low qualified, live, the majority of whom coming from minority groups. This is the future unless quick action is taken. Regretfully, we witness a lack of awareness of the social problems of the country.

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